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KLEEMANN Parking Systems offer a diverse range of vertical stacking and sliding platform solutions. Building on technological advancements, our intelligent multi-storey Parking Systems guarantee exceptional performance, passenger comfort and safety.

Featuring the option of single, double, triple and quadruple parking configurations, KLEEMANN Parking Systems fulfill the most stringent urban planning specifications, ensuring optimum utilization of space, cost efficiency and quick installation.

Specialist design and an array of features, from stylish operating panels to state-of-the-art control systems, ensure the passenger enjoys ease of parking and the reassurance that their vehicle is securely protected from all weather conditions and vandalism. Our Parking Systems also offer reduced CO2 emissions and excellent energy efficiency, a testament to the eco-friendly mindset that drives us.

KLEEMANN Parking Systems integrate intelligent solutions with innovative design to

deliver truly unique passenger experiences

1 Vehicle Turntable

KLEEMANN’s Vehicle Turntables are designed to facilitate parking in spaces that pose limitations such as a single entrance and exit. The turntables offer an economical and convenient parking solution, maximising utilisation of available space, generating smooth traffic flow and enabling effortless parking.

Featuring 360° rotation, driven by a hydraulic motor with slew ring drive, a 4600mm pit diameter and 200mm minimum pit depth, KLEEMANN turntables can be customised to accommodate your specific platform and dimension requirements. Available in a range of stylish sheet metal finishes, KLEEMANN’sVehicle Turntables provide a cost-effective and practical parking system for spaces restricted by difficult access, limited parking, poor reversing visibility and limited turning capacity.

Model  Vehicle Turntable  
Min Pit Depth (mm)  200  
Pit diameter (mm)  4600  
Motor type  Hydraulic motor with slew ring drive  
Rotation (degrees)    360  

2 Puzzle Parking Systems    


KLEEMANN Puzzle Parking Systems have been designed to provide a range of intelligent multi-storey parking solutions that enable independent parking of multiple cars. The selected parking space is moved to the desired position by means of an automatic control system and the parking spaces can be shifted vertically or horizontally. KLEEMANN Puzzle Parking Systems integrate the latest advancements in stacking and sliding technology, maximising the number of vehicles that can be accommodated in the available space.

Featuring  anti-fall mechanisms, hydraulic overload protection and excellent energy efficiency, KLEEMANN Puzzle Parking Systems deliver reliable, practical and cost-effective parking solutions to fulfil all multi-story parking requirements.


Model   BDP-2  
Levels  2
Available car dimensions                   1850*5070*1550-2050mm
Rated Load (Kg)                                 2000-2500kg
Drive mode                                         Hydraulic cylinder + wipe ropes
Operation    Code, Card, Manual
Control   PLC centralized control system
Elevating speed                                  8-12 m/min
Sliding speed                                       7,5m/min
Power Supply                                      3phase/380V/50-60Hz
Finishing   Powder coating

3 Parking Systems

Installation of Hydraulic Car Parking Systems provides additional independent parking spaces for 2 vehicles. These systems can be customized to fix existing spaces and are an ideal solution when multiple parking spaces are required in new builds.

Car lifts are designed in accordance with Directive 2006/42 / EC and the European Union standard EN 14010 for machinery. They can be used for all types of buildings and structures where the placement of vehicles is required. Depending on the type of structure, straight depth, lifting height and special customer requirements, one of the available models of a car lift can be installed.


Model  Hydro Park 1127    Hydro Park 1123      Hydro park TPTP-2
Rated Load (Kg)               2700  23002000
Equipment weight(Kg)     11001000850
Lifting height                    2100mm2100mm1600mm  
Usable platform width      2100mm2100mm2100mm
Power Supply             220-420V,1-3phase 50/60Hz                     220-420V,1-3phase 50/60Hz                    220-420V,1-3phase 50/60Hz                    
Control power                  24V   24V   24V   
Lock device                     Dynamic       Dynamic    Dynamic     
Lock release             Electric auto release          Electric auto release          Electric auto release          
Operation Key switch                      Key switch                      Key switch                      
Power unit                  2,2Kw hydraulic power pump                                   2,2Kw hydraulic power pump                                   2,2Kw hydraulic power pump                                   
Lifting/lowing time             50/45 sec                  50/45 sec                   <45 sec
Finishing Powder coating/ galvanized              Powder coating/ galvanized              Powder coating/ galvanized              
Basement height                   Suitable for basements with available height  3000mm       

4 Scissor Lift Platforms  

KLEEMANN single and double Scissor Lift Platforms provide a simple and convenient way to facilitate and optimise parking space. Suitable for underground, lower and upper parking levels, KLEEMANN Scissor Lift Platforms are an ideal choice for parking areas where entrances and exits are restricted or limited.
Offering up to 3 stops, an array of safety features and the choice of either 4000mm or 7400mm vertical travel, KLEEMANN Scissor Lift Platforms present an intelligent solution for the creation of practical and convenient access to all types of parking spaces.

KLEEMANN scissor lifts are extremely reliable and safe for drivers and cars, as well as being very compact, which is why they take up very little space in the building. The lifts are designed in accordance with the EU mechanical equipment 2006/42 / EC.

Model     Single Scissor Platform                                 Double Scissor Platform
Rated Load (Kg)                           3000                                                            3000                                                             
Max Travel (m)                                                     4000mm                                                       7400mm
Stops  23
Platform      max 3000*6000mm                                      max 3000*6000mm                                      
Speed0,05-0,08m/sec                                              0,05-0,08m/sec
Pit depth (mm)                         min 500mm                                                   min 600mm                                                   
Headroom (mm)                      min 2500mm                                                min 2500mm                                                
Motor  5,5Hp/380V/50Hz                                         7,5Hp/380V/50Hz
Piston – Cylinder                  2 items Φ70–Φ120Χ135                             2 items Φ80–Φ140Χ160
Complies with                           Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC – EC type examination certificate                                                                                                     Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC – EC type examination certificate                                                                                                     
Landing doors                            Roller shutters with single phase motor                                                                           Roller shutters with single phase motor                                                                           

5 Car Lifting Systems

KTS Car Lifting Systems are designed for the vertical transportation of vehicles between two or more levels. In buildings where the construction of a cement ramp or a car lift is not possible, the KTS Systems provide the ideal solution for vertical transportation of up to a maximum of 12 meters.

KTS Car Lifting Systems are constructed according to the Machinery Directive 2006/42 EC. Main advantages include ease of installation and maintenance.


• Special industrial-type rolls supplied with obstacle detection system seamlessly integrated in to the automation controller GL1 KTS
• Infrared light curtain installed on the platform for safe vehicle parking
• Requires small depth for the shaft pit
• Covers space only from the one side of the shaft area
• Costs less than the shears technology car lifting system
• Each case is studied and designed specifically by the Engineering Department of KLEEMANN
• Easy and quick installation
• CE marking and complete EC type examination certificate by Liftinstituut
• Technical support and guarantee by KLEEMANN

Model         KTS 2200                                KTS 3000
Rated Load (Kg)                         22003000
Max Travel (m)                                                      12000mm10000mm  
Stops   max 4                                        max 4                                        
Platformmax 2440*5500mm                 max 2440*5500mm                 
Speedmax 0,15m/sec.                        max 0,15m/sec.                        
Pit depth (mm)                            min 400mm                              min 500mm                              
Headroom (mm)                                           min 2700mm                            min 2700mm                            
Motor9,5Kw/380V/50Hz                   12Kw/380V/50Hz
Pistons KZAC 100X5 / KZAC 100X8,5              KZAC 100X7
Tank Kleemann T150                        Kleemann T250
Controller  KTS GL-1                                    KTS GL-1
Block of valves                              Blain KV1S                                 Blain KV1S                                 
Landing doors                                Roller shutters with  3-phase external                                              Roller shutters with  3-phase external                                              
Complies with                            Machinery Directive   2006/42/EC – EC type examination certificate                                                                             Machinery Directive   2006/42/EC – EC type examination certificate