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KLEEMANN travolators are distinguished by their functional design and the availability of a large number of color solutions and element finishing materials. All models of travelators are certified by the European Union, which indicates the impeccable quality of the equipment. A high degree of reliability, safety and comfort of passengers, almost complete noiselessness and a smooth ride, a long service life – this is not a complete list of all the positive characteristics of KLEEMANN equipment.

Travelators are designed to transport passengers and large loads horizontally or at a slight angle. On such paths it is very convenient to shop trolleys and prams.


Outstanding ride quality
KLEEMANN Moving Walks are designed to ensure both high quality construction and exceptional ride comfort. Low noise levels and minimal vibrations provide a smooth and comfortable passenger experience that will meet even the strictest requirements.

Ease of installation
Designed for ease of installation and use, providing spatial efficiency and reliability.

Regeneration systems provide excellent ride quality while reducing energy usage by up to 60%. Many escalator parts are also recycled (steps, brush profile, glass panel clamps, etc).

Solid products guarantee maximum safety and ensure a sense of passenger security.

Теоретическая мощность (по данным ΕΝ115, приложение H)         SPECIFICATIONS4800 или 6000 пассажиров в час4800 или 6000 пассажиров в час
ModelKTC-KTH CommercialKTW Heavy duty
Max Speed (m/s)0,50,5
Working hours (per day)16-2020-24
InstallationIndoor, semi-outdoor, outdoorIndoor, semi-outdoor, outdoor
Vertical rise (m)2-80-8  (max length 120)
Pallet Width (mm)800 or 1000800, 1000, 1200 or 1400
Motor typeAC1 или VVVFAC1 или VVVF
Theoretical capacity (according το ΕΝ115, Annex H)                    4800 or 6000 passengers per hour4800 or 6000 passengers per hour