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Residential complexes:

Safety and uptime. All elevator equipment is tested in elevator laboratories at every stage of production, which guarantees safety and durability. It is possible to exit the elevator during a power outage.

Business centers:

Speed and comfort. Our elevators meet modern requirements for business centers. They have high speed and reliability.

Shopping centers:

All you need for shopping centers. You can order passenger, freight, panoramic elevators, escalators and travelators from us, which meet all the highest requirements: smooth running, exact stop, accessibility for people with limited mobility, the ability to complete movement when there is a power outage, a supervisory control system, non-slip flooring.

Medical institutions:

Our elevators have increased accuracy when stopping to create comfort for patients moving on a gurney or people with disabilities, a priority call mode by medical personnel without responding to calls from other sites in buildings.

Hotel complexes:

Increased comfort and individual design. Our engineers are ready to offer their own ideas or to install and assemble an elevator for ready-made projects with the assistance of professional architects and designers

Private houses:

Noiselessness, energy saving and convenience. Our designers are ready to implement your most daring design decisions in the field of finishing the shaft and elevator car. If an ordinary cabin does not fit into the interior, we will create a project that will be the perfect complement to the decoration of your home or work space