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Kleemann escalators have a number of significant advantages, for example, all structural elements of escalators are designed in such a way as to ensure not only high quality construction, but also ease of travel.

Compared to its main competitors, Kleemann escalators have a reduced noise level and almost minimal vibration level, which makes it possible to ensure comfortable movement of passengers. The design and performance of escalators meets the most stringent European quality standards

Model      KEC Commercial                      KEH Heavy Duty
Max Speed (m/s)                        0,5                                             0,5 or 0,65
Working hours (per day)             16-20                                        20-24
Installation      Indoor, semi-outdoor, outdoor     Indoor, semi-outdoor, outdoor
Vertical rise (m)                          2-7,5                                          2-35
Step Width (mm)                        600, 800 or 1000 mm                 600, 800 or 1000 mm
Motor type                                   AC1 or VVVF                             AC1 or VVVF
Theoretical capacity (according το ΕΝ115, Annex H)              3600, 4800 or 6000 passengers per hour                                  4400, 5900 or 7300 passengers per hour (for                                                                                                                                speed 0,65m/s)  

Advantages Kleeman

Kleemann has established itself as one of the leading companies in the industry.

Energy saving

Using energy-saving technologies, Kleemann escalators can save up to 60% energy compared to competitors.


New drive systems can significantly reduce vibration and noise. Thorough testing of noise and vibration levels ensures a smooth and silent movement. In places with increased noise requirements, installations with reduced noise levels are used.


Unique design solutions and the possibility of developing your own design will make it easy to fit the escalator into the overall look of your room


A modern monitoring system provides maximum safety for passengers.

Environmental friendliness

The materials that make up most of the components of the escalator can be recycled, which prevents environmental pollution.


The design feature of Kleemann escalators allows for ease of installation with efficient use of space. Depending on the building plan and customer requirements, escalators can be installed in several ways: Single; Cross In parallel to the contract; Parallel intermittent; Single row and Contracted.

The installation method is selected based on their need for the correct distribution of passenger flow and the area available for installation of the escalator.


Modern shopping centers and hypermarkets can no longer be imagined without such lifting equipment as an escalator. However, the use of escalators is not limited to shopping centers and the metro. KLEEMANN escalators are an excellent solution for installation in hotels, hospitals and medical centers, public and commercial buildings, most often they can be found at the airport or at the railway station, as well as in underground and elevated passages, not uncommon, such designs are used even on large cruise ships.